Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Obama Wins Big

In another spectacular win, President Obama has evidently won over another well know humanitarian and leader in human rights. That would be none other than the great dictator and murderer of Christians, His Excellency Brother Leader Moammar Gaddafi, Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya! Our friends at the Washington Post have pointed out this rather dubious distinction, and suggest that Obama and his crowd are going to be embarrassed by this revelation. I suggest that if the shoe fits, then one should wear it.


Moammar goes on to say that: "'I really endorse and support the policies that he has adopted so far,' Brother Leader said Monday afternoon in a video teleconference arranged by the World Affairs Councils of America. Gaddafi referred affectionately to the president as "our son Barack Obama," helpfully translating Obama's name from the Arabic: 'Barakah -- blessing.'"

He is their son, they claim, and so we must be sure that we want to claim the same thing. His policies of American weakness, American culpability and American egregiousness have now finally taken root in the international stage, and the chickens, as they say, are coming home to roost. He recently promised third world dictators that we will limit our responses to aggression to a non-nuclear response. That's good isn't it? The fact that "Ahmadinnerjacket" of Iran just pissed all over Obama must not have a lot of meaning to this administration. The fact that North Korea did the same thing has evidently had no impact on the idiots in this White House. The fact that dictators and enemies of freedom all over the world both applaud his new approach and, at the same time, deride him for our weaknesses makes no impact. I fear what kind of impact that it will take to bring this country to our senses.

Obama is my FREENS!

Obama recently made the comment that the US is a superpower "whether we like it or not." Whether we like it or not?? Who does not like the US as a superpower? The Jews and others that we freed from the Nazi concentration camps fear the US as a super-power? The free people of eastern Europe that were liberated by a collapse of the Soviet Union? The people of the Soviet Union itself fear us? Who is so unhappy that after the Second World War that we fed Berlin? Who is so unhappy that the Pacific Ocean is not held by a dictatorship under the Imperial flag of Japan? Who, exactly, is terribly unhappy that this nation, which bled for freedom in this last century, is a super-power? I lost relatives in WWII, and most who read this post lost relatives in that conflict. Who mourns for the loss of Khrushchev and the old age of Fidel Castro? Who wants to support the animals that are the leadership of Argentina? Who hates the idea that the US is the place of freedom and opportunity?

I will tell you who it is, and the nexus of it lives in the White House at this moment. The religious left of this country and those that swallow their cool-aid are the Nancy Pelosi’s and the Harry Ried’s of this nation, and they are bathing us in the colors of shame, ineptitude and cowardice. They are disgracing the memories of our for-fathers that fought for freedom here and abroad. They are disgracing the ideals of the Constitution that our own blood flowed for. They are ashamed of our freedoms and our way of life because it conflicts with a true socialist ideal of what the whole planet should look like.

In their world-view, there should never be inequalities and there should never be economic advantages. It is the short reading of Marx and it is a short reading of economic reality. The short reading of Marx is the same thing that is happening with the short reading Adam Smith. Smith never promised a utopia, where Marx's reading should never read free society. There is, therefore, a choice that has to be made in a rational society.

I say ENOUGH! I say that we vote our minds and our conscience, and we vote. It makes no difference minding the political affiliation or the type of dog that they own or whether they drive a Toyota or not. I am saying vote your conscience. Vote that you do not desire the Federal Government as your Master and Owner, but that you desire to be free of them and all of their idiotic solutions to your every need and desire. If your local representative is a Democrat, and he/she has been a vocal opponent to Obama, then vote for them. This is not about party lines but about freedom. Find the people that represent you and represent freedom and vote for them. But, for the love of all that is good and desirable, vote!


Kelly said...

One must wonder when the CPUSA praises our POTUS..

Anonymous said...

Wow. Simply wow.

Well, at least I can stop reading now.


Phelonius said...

Well, anonymous, I do agree that my prose lacks and that I used a considerable amount of rhetorical license, but I fail to see what is defined as "rage" and "ugly things." What did I invent in this little diatribe that was not based on fact?

Conservatives in general are, I think, tired of being called racists, hate-mongers and reactionaries when the evidence points to the Tea Partiers and Conservatives as being educated, working and driven by ideals rather than passion. If my response uses language in kind that appears as "rage" then I suppose one could interpret it that way, but it is not the fact. If it fact that I oppose Obama is "ugly," then so be it, but my ideals say to me that we could sure use another kind of President.

If it is rage that drives me (bad prose not excluded) to say that people should vote him out, then I have to accept the appellation, but I disagree that it is rage.

Conservative viewpoints are basically rather easy to define, and to say that a conservative could not possibly believe such "ugly things" is to suggest that my ideals are ugly. I disagree. They are not. My expression of them, if they appeared ugly, means that my expressions need a lot of work, and I have no doubt that they do.

Stanley said...

Silly stuff. And, why does every uneducated, little right wing hump use some pretentious latin term for it's blog?


Phelonius said...

Speaking of silly stuff, heeeeeere's Stanley!

I use Latin because I am comfortable with it, and the educated people I know do not give it a second thought.

What is interesting to me is that not everybody that I know that leans to the political left is a knuckle-dragging cave dweller. You are the only one that I know of that was confounded by the name of this blog.