Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tired of the Status Quo?

Are you one of the millions that are tired of the status quo?

You then fall into one of two camps. You are either one of the peoples that feel that the new invasion of the federal government is a good thing and we need more of it, or you are one of the peoples that read, understand, and appreciate the Constitution of the United States.

It is really hard to be in the middle ground on this one, as there are really no choices but a couple of stark ones:
1. you are ok with the Federal Government taking over your private health, or
2. You are not ok with the Federal Government taking over your private health.

Oh, yes, you are going to see the sob stories over the next few months. There are illegal immigrants that have never had health care (a lie). There are people that have contracted serious health problems and now cannot afford the costs. There are people of every description that truly believe that while they have had no real problems so far, it is good that the federal government take over health concerns because they truly do not want to be accused of not caring about the lesser fortunate.

No matter which of the above that you fall into, every free person in these United States has to address the question of whether or not the people that have a viable income and/or business is somehow morally bound to provide for those that do not.

I mean that literally, as does this latest catastrophe of a health bill does. There are provisions in this bill that will guarantee the federal government will have the right to fine you even if you do not want to have health insurance. There is a provision in this bill to hire thousands of new IRS agents because they are going to become the enforcers of the new law. How can that be a bad idea?

Since I work in higher education, I can tell you about another added benefit of this giant incursion into our rights. So far we have had kids that want to go to college, right? We all depend on our students being able to take a loan to cover the costs, unless they are among the lucky few that have the kind of scholarship and/or parental income that makes money a non-concern. This bill has basically made loans from private companies for the subsidized and unsubsidized student loans illegal. Your students are now going to take loans from whom?

You guessed it! From the Federal Government, and the lenders are the already bankrupt taxpayers! We are in debt to the amounts of trillions of dollars, but the feds want control of our student loans to the extent that even private universities are going to spend thousands of dollars each to conform to this newest regulation. Until recently a University could choose what kinds of loans they could give out, but no more. Our socialist friends on Capitol Hill have decided, in their superior wisdom, that private banks are no good for school loans. How could this be a bad idea?
The bottom line is exactly that, the bottom line. We are ruining the value of the US Dollar by driving this insatiable government of ours further into debt by virtually every vote that this idiotic legislature takes, and they are being signed by an equally idiotic president.

What does it take to change this “bad to worse” situation? It is simplicity itself.

Vote them out.

Vote them out in November and vote them out in every following election. We can make this appeaser President and his corrupt lackeys jobless by the measure of the ballot box.

If you are tired of hearing how bad this nation is, and how terrible our fight to free people is, and how bad our corporations are for being productive, and how terrible our judicial system is, then for the love of all that is holy, vote. Vote your conscience and vote your common sense. They describe us in the Tea Parties and Town Halls as being radical, race-hating bigots, despite the overwhelming evidence that we are not those things. The socialists are going to slur us with every hateful thing they can think of because they fear YOU! They fear what you are going to say when the lies they spout are put under the light of the sun. They fear how you are going to react to this latest subterfuge of the “Health Bill” when brought under the scrutiny of people that love their freedoms.

Vote your conscience, and you will never disappoint Phelonius!


Kelly said...

I do want to add something. If we are to gain the advantage we have to watch ourselves. People are watching us. They are looking for us to stumble.

Phelonius said...

Kelly, the conservatives DID stumble when they let GW Bush pass the stimulus bill the first time. We have to be, as you say, much more on our game now. We are being criminalized in the congress and in the press as dangerous, crazy and violent racists because we are simply exercising our Constitutional right to free speech and assembly. Since they cannot fight us in the realm of ideas, they are falling back on the old rule book of 'dehumanize and ridicule' the opposition, suggesting that we are political terrorists because we just oppose them.