Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Total Gangster Government

GM is now Government Motors. They have taken the rug out from under people who have built up these dealerships and want them to hand over their customer lists to GM so that GM can hand them to the dealership's former competitors.

Today it is GM dealerships. Tomorrow it is your business. Do you have the right connections?


Mike's America said...

These liberal thugs are massively overreaching. They won the 2008 elections by lying about who and what they are and yet they think that the majority supports their efforts to socialize America.

They are wrong and we'll prove it in 2010!

Kelly said...

I have cousins who are convinced that socialism is the answer to all our ills. They are blinded by the promises of what it might do.

REality is it will burry us and our children in debt that can never be repaid and will only bring about shortages and long lines.

and less freedoms.

Phelonius said...

She called it for what it is.

IOpian said...

She is exactly right and inevitably it will be their undoing. I await the great Frog March of 2011. First in Congress then in the White House.

IOpian said...


Do they realize that even paradise must be paid for ?