Monday, April 20, 2009

The Liberal media exposed

For as long as it is still available, I will have it here for all to see. CNN is trying to keep this from being viewed because they are embarrassed by it or they don't want people to see how blatant their bias is.


Phelonius said...

As I heard this morning, those of us that attended the tea parties were ignorant red-necks that do not know what the original tea party was or the purpose of Bostonians to have it. The left is pretty well "wheels off" after seeing the tremendous and peaceful crowds that showed for these events all over this country. Other comments included that no matter what the speeches and the protest signs said, the real issue is that we are all racists and hate Obama because he happens to be an Afro-American.

Remember, the White House response was not that Obama knew that people are unhappy. Their response was that Obama was "unaware" of the tea parties. That makes him either a bold liar, or the most detached and unaware President in history. Since they cannot deny that the arguments presented were sound in reasoning and based on a long political tradition, (and certainly race had NOTHING to do with the tea party I was at), their only real weapon is to pretend that the arguments just simply did not happen.

Rather than defend their own positions, they choose to demonize the people that disagree with them and ridicule us as uneducated racists that have no right to protest.

Phelonius said...

in other words......


Kelly said...

You also have to wonder why CNN was so insistant on the removal of that video. They know that enough people agree with the right that they will see this reporter for what she was/is--with complete bias.

Aren't reporters supposed to be outside the story rather than part of the story?

nanc said...

i sent kathy barkulis a great big old thank you for her spunk! got one back from her also.

the tea parties may have to be backshelfed with this swine flu "outbreak" however - convenient, eh? they're saying the cultures of it could possibly have been from a lab.


Kelly said...

Hey, Nanc, don't count on the tea parties or anything like it being put on the back shelf...where there is a will there is a way.